1. S

    SoundCloud does not load while the "Ad-counter" keeps rising

    See here: It seems as if soundcloud tries to push and ad again and again and it does not start as long as adguard keeps blocking it....
  2. sgkolmogorov

    Фильтр для сайта soundcloud

    Здравствуйте! Мне бы хотелось добавить правило в "stream" и "search" (проще, в любом случае на этом сайте) для элемента по конкретному username Подскажите, как прописать правило или скрипт. Заранее благодарю
  3. SpartacusSystem


    I have a standard user account on one of my Windows 10 machines. When I visit SoundCloud from this user account I have to listen to 30 second ads before playing a song on my feed. :( Ads come up on the administrator account too... I hope there are some SoundCloud users here that can help with...