1. D

    Speed test results very surprising

    I am surprised by the result of my speed test, comparing between: Safari with "Adguard for Safari" on pause, i.e. nothing is blocked Safari with "Adguard for Safari" active but all filters switched to OFF, i.e. nothing is blocked I loaded 7 ad heavy web pages and emptied Safari cache between...
  2. G

    Speedtest slow with Adguard 1.5.14 for Mac turned on

    Using a Gigablast Cox connection with Adguard 1.5.14 for Mac turned on slows down the internet speedtest (https://www.speedtest.net) by one third of the speed. With it turned off it is triple the speed. What causes such a drastic reduction in speed and how can I increase the speed and still use...
  3. D

    Adguard убивает скорость интернета на моей системе

    Давний пользователь программы, имею вечный ключ на несколько устройств. Проблема существует в течении года может чуть меньше. (раньше для меня была не критична, но сейчас стало невозможно работать) Ставиться Адгуард на чистую и лицензионную систему Windows 10, вирусов нет (проверенно касперским...
  4. A

    Slow internet speed when adguard enabled

    I got around 15 Mbps download speed when adguard is enabled but when I disabled adguard I got 100 Mbps download speed. Does adguard slow internet down?
  5. Gass

    General NEED 4 SPEED

    Guidelines: No nudity, or sexual-heavy profanity and Innuendo's (brief and I mean BRIEF-if any) and/or any other things that could often be linked/attributed with an offensive or pornography nature. Please censor your own posted contents - extreme - morbidness, severed and decapitation of human...
  6. Kill Face

    Slowdown using DNS product?

    Hi, I can't find the right forum for this, so here it is... I'm worried about using a different DNS on my router that it will slow down my web browsing experience. Do you benchmark your DNS servers compared to 'standard' ones such as Is it possible that I notice a slowdown in...
  7. R

    Very Slow download while running

    I usually download at about 3+mbps with this on it won't go much higher than one? Anyway to fix this? As love this ad blocker thanks.
  8. iScriptShift

    WFP Network Driver Slow

    Hi there, so I am running a Trial of Adguard been a week and it's been really good. Looking forward to purchase it, it works just the way it should and the way I want it to be. But the only thing resisting me from buying right now is the Edge Blocking. I read on the forums the other day, I need...