1. d0x

    700Mbps loss in speed with Adguard enabled

    Gonna post 2 images of speed tests. One with Adguard disabled and one with it enabled. Results are consistent across 30 runs.. First I was running the latest nightly, then downgraded to latest beta. Everything was fine until the latest nightly. Tested in chrome & edge on Android 11...
  2. G

    Speedtest slow with Adguard 1.5.14 for Mac turned on

    Using a Gigablast Cox connection with Adguard 1.5.14 for Mac turned on slows down the internet speedtest (https://www.speedtest.net) by one third of the speed. With it turned off it is triple the speed. What causes such a drastic reduction in speed and how can I increase the speed and still use...
  3. C

    Slow speed when turn on

    Hello I'm using sony xperia xz1 and Samsung galaxy note 8. Here is the problem. When I turn on adguard on both devices, note 8 has no problem but xz1 is very slow internet speed. If I turn off adguard on xz1 then speed is fast as before. What should I do? Both have android 8.0 from...
  4. A

    Slow internet speed when adguard enabled

    I got around 15 Mbps download speed when adguard is enabled but when I disabled adguard I got 100 Mbps download speed. Does adguard slow internet down?
  5. nallaikkumaran

    [resolved] Hi, I see ads missed on speedtest.net

    Hi, I see ads missed on http://www.speedtest.net/