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    [Resvoled]How to block ads in program/software with AdGuard for Windows?

    On AdGuard for Mac there was an option to add an program to AdGuard and then AdGuard would remove the ads in that program. I can't seem to find this functionality in AdGuard for Windows, is it also available for AdGuard for Windows? I'm trying to add Spotify to Adguard, so that AdGuard can...
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    IOS Spotify and YouTube ad blocking.

    Up until now, I have been using another adblocker to block all ads in Spotify and YouTube adds on the IOS apps, but the developer has now dropped support. Presumably bowing to Apples demands. I also have Adguard on my PC and IOS and Android devices, and wondered if there was a way to use...
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    Spotify Ads with AdGuard DNS

    Hi, I am using AdGuard DNS on my router. When I run the Spotify app (free version) on my Android 6 phone, I still see sponsored video/audio ads in the app. Is it possible to blocks ads in the Spotify app using just AdGuard DNS? Could the filter lists be updated to support this? Thanks.
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    Spotify on Samsung TV

    Hello, I still get some ads on spotify on my Samsung Smart TV. I have this added to my adblock software on my Android phone and it works perfectly to block all ads. Could you add that list :) Thanks.
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    Spotify desktop application: latency in the display of the album cover

    Hi. I am using Spotify Desktop application for Mac and I realised that Adguard is slowing down the display of the jacket of the song I am listening up to 34 seconds. Can you solve this issue or at least give us the option to build an application whitelist? Regards Bruno
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    Blocking Spotify Ads

    Hi, I'm located in Japan and use Spotify app on Mac. Banner ads are blocked, but I still hear audio ads in Japanese. Can I remove audio ads too? I have enabled following filters. *English Filter *Spyware Filter *Social Media Filter *Annoyances Filter *Japanese Filter
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    spotify not supported?

    Hello, website says adguard work with spotify I added the exe to adguard but still get ads
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    [**] Spotify

    Здравствуйте! Почему Adguard не может фильтроовать Spotify? Явным образом указывал путь до приложении, но всё равно, ни как не режет рекламу?