1. SpartacusSystem

    [AG 7.4 beta 2] My ad blocking stats upon pausing and restarting AG

    This should be showing stats since Aug 17 where I have 1m blocked ads and 900+ blocked threats... I think these stats do come back upon restart. I'll confirm this. I paused AG via the new Chrome browsing extension for Twitter temporarily (see...
  2. A

    Show performance of each filter

    Right now in AG for Windows (6.4.1739.4753) this is the only statistical data we get to see: and while I can choose different filters to load, I really have no idea which ones are being effective and which are just slowing me down and adding little value (and I would remove if I knew this!)...
  3. J


    How can Adguard know how much bandwidth was saved if it blocked that traffic?