stealth mode

  1. P

    Stealth Mode disabling Cloudflare checks

    I've noticed that several websites now implement Cloudflare "verify that you are human" checkboxes, especially when I am on VPN. But when Stealth Mode is enabled, the page reloads each time without passing the verification. Disabling Stealth Mode on these sites, via custom rules such as...
  2. NIGHTZNERO / graph.facebook / Stealth mode

    Hello ADG Family! Right now I come with 3 separate questions about creating a rules 1. I want to go "" but after period of time I m automatically transfered into "". Can I use any modificators like $replace or $popup(before I forgot to say,when I open forum xyz,I m...
  3. realkane

    I've noticed more and more websites notice I'm using an Adblocker

    I remember back in the days using "Reeks anti adblocker" filter and hardly ever being informed that I was using adblocking software but it seems lately that almost all my favorite sites refuse to cooperate with or function with Adguard enabled on their page. I have my Stealth settings...
  4. S

    Stealth Mode: How to enable "Strip URLs of tracking parameters"

    When submitting an issue through the AdGuard system, there is a question whether I have enabled the feature "Strip URLs of tracking parameters" (see attached from AdGuard's issue tracker). Wow! This would be an amazing feature, I can't believe I missed it all this time. I immediately dove...
  5. Kees

    Make Adguard a lean mean advertising fighting machine

    Gentleman, I have two questions and suggestions. They are based on the limited perspective of my surfing behavior. So my suggestions might not be applicable in general. It is the same as thinking that the earth is flat, because from my point of view and observation the horizon seems to be...
  6. Z

    Stealth mode options in the Android app

    I read this article on your website and was wondering if it's possible to implement it on Android.
  7. C

    Stealth mode?

    Is there any chance the Mac version will see any of the Windows features, e.g. stealth mode? I understand it was one of the 4 pillars of Adguard 6.0 for Windows, an addition to Mac would be great.
  8. Gass

    AdGuard Stealth / Cookies - 3rd party

    Who's the Adguard Cookie Man here? Just wondering if any of these cookies while being of the same domain visit, but are considered themselves to be a third party cookie by Adguard. You'll see two different Google email accounts of mine in the first two images. _ Image one is in my name on...