1. Kees

    Question regarding current stealth extension

    When new Adguard is officially launched, will the stealth extension be updated with the new features of the stealth mode?
  2. R

    ADGuard DNS Standard Not Catching Trackers on Facebook and other websites

    9-23-18 AdGuard DNS Beta Standard I am running AdGuard Stealth and AdGuard Blocker extensions on Vivaldi with AdGuard DNS Beta Standard DNS. Up until today, ADG DNS had not allowed any trackers, which meant ADG Stealth and ADG Blocker were unable to catch any trackers on Facebook or other...
  3. C

    Stealth mode?

    Is there any chance the Mac version will see any of the Windows features, e.g. stealth mode? I understand it was one of the 4 pillars of Adguard 6.0 for Windows, an addition to Mac would be great.