1. M

    An option to disable AdGuard by default

    I would like Chrome AdGuard to have the option not to block ads by default. Many sites show not so much advertising, and it does not really interfere. And sites also make a profit for this advertising, and I don’t want to reduce their profits, because advertising doesn’t really bother me, except...
  2. d0x

    "Too many filters" Perhaps a wizard or suggestions?

    So the filter page has a lot of options and if you select too many it tell you that it may slow down browsing but it doesn't tell you how many is too many or what combination is causing the message. I think im getting the message because i've selected the normal stuff for English sites but ive...
  3. Cool_Nick_Name

    Suggested whitelist/blacklist based on device

    I just installed Adguard on my Nextbit Robin, and one of it's key features is the cloud integration. This was being blocked by Adguard by default, so it got me wondering. I just manually disabled AdGuard filtering for the Nextbit system apps, but if someone else installs it on a Robin they will...