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    Big Sur problems on many apps

    Spark email client cannot sync ( cannot receive / send emails ) 1Password client cannot sync AirDroid cannot login Some warn icons on Calendar app Application version release (CL-1.7.119) with Premium License I filtered the listed apps but didn't solve the problem
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    [*] Sync for Reddit Beta v12.5 b2 [Android] I just grabbed some random subreddits for testing. Using Adguard for Android, premium licence. Will update post after I receive the ticket number. Ticket number - 1414045
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    AdGuard blocking Samsung Galaxy S7 Calendar Sync

    I'm using the current version of adguard and have a lifetime subscription. I've been frustrated the last couple of days with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Calendar not syncing properly. I'd add events to either google calendar via the web or an exchange calendar via outlook (that I have set up on the...