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    Adguard + Tor works, but not DNS

    I cant seem to get DNS requests to be resolved by Orbot. Orbot is set as my proxy per the default settings in Adguard. In Adguard I then tried to manually set a DNS resolver by inputting a new one as: localhost:53 and then localhost:5400 after that wasn't working. (Ofc I changed the settings in...
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    Tor Browser no longer will open if AdGuard is enabled

    Simple as that. Tor 8.0.6 will not open if AdGuard is enabled. Disable AdGuard 7.0 (7.0.2286.5847 CL 1.3.206) and boom, it opens right up: This is a recent development. When I open up the filter list, nothing pops up, so I don't even know what to whitelist.
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    Adguard and ToR Browser

    I just installed ToR Browser, and for some reason, Adguard will not filter traffic in ToR browser, so, I went to the filtered app's settings and manually add it, I did it by both options that were given, yet for some reason it still is not working, and I don't think...
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    AdGuard следит за пользователями в торе?

    Собственно, что за фигня? Почему в тор-браузере отображается помощник adguard при выключенной фильтрации? Почему невозможно отключить фильтрацию? Или так и задумано? Ведь есть доступ ко всему трафику, есть персональные данные человека, оплатившего лицензию, остается только сортировать логи по...