1. C

    New Facebook Ad Tracking ? #FBRedDotAd

    Hi. Since 1 month i watch some weird behaviour on Facebook pages using the dark mode. Especially on the events of FB pages i see often a red dot on the left side for half a second. It is red with 10x10 px, PNG image, 79 bytes. Eg this page: The dot...
  2. J

    Difference between AdGuard and DuckDuckGo?

    So I received my invite to the DuckDuckGo beta for App Tracking Protection on Android devices. Have been using it for several days and now I'm just wondering: anyone know what is the difference between AdGuard's blocking vs DDG on Android? I'm a paid subscriber to AdGuard and have been using it...
  3. J

    [Bug] Adguard Tracking Filter in Android Prevents Posting for ``

    As mentioned in title, enabling Adguard tracking filter does not allow me to post threads on `` (Korean reddit-like site) Attached files are my settings, the log created when trying to write a post, and what I see on Android (it translates to: "Please try again sometime later")...
  4. R

    ADGuard DNS Standard Not Catching Trackers on Facebook and other websites

    9-23-18 AdGuard DNS Beta Standard I am running AdGuard Stealth and AdGuard Blocker extensions on Vivaldi with AdGuard DNS Beta Standard DNS. Up until today, ADG DNS had not allowed any trackers, which meant ADG Stealth and ADG Blocker were unable to catch any trackers on Facebook or other...
  5. Gass

    Cross-Device Tracking to NEW Hights maybe AdGuard will be ready high-frequency

    Cross-Device Tracking: a privacy invasive tracking method Marketing companies are always on the lookout for new methods to track user activity on the Internet. These information are used to display targeted advertisement to users which have a better return than less-targeted ads. The...