1. N

    Need help to watch embedded tweets on ios

    Hi. I’ve been struggling to get embedded tweets to be seen on sites in my ipad, for example, in this page: I’ve been reading online for potential solutions and the most common one I saw was to turn off Fanboy’s...
  2. M

    Can't switch Twitter profiles with AdGuard enabled

    On Twitter, you can be logged in with 2 different profiles at once. With AdGuard enabled, it's impossible to switch between these. If I disable AdGuard, switching works just fine.
  3. C

    Exception for Twitter videos

    Adguard blocks videos on Twitter. I added an exception for but that isn't working. Does anyone know what exception I should use?
  4. SpartacusSystem

    [AG 7.4 beta 2] Videos/Images on show a black screen

    With Adguard enabled: Adguard disabled (and a ctrl+f5 refresh) I'm using beta due to the bug in corelibs causing the "wait for local.adguard..." issue as I would have no browsing security enabled. Link to tweet:
  5. А

    Не запоминает веб-сайт Twitter в качестве исключения

    Жмешь на значок, отключаешь защиту. А потом при новом заходе на сайт Twitter значок AdGuard снова зелёный. А Белом списке twitter есть, даже записан в разной форме:, - и ноль реакции. Каждый раз защита снова активна.
  6. d0x

    Ability to tweet blocked when adguard is active

    This started recently..maybe 2 weeks ago. Basically I can go to Twitter, I'm logged in just fine but if adguard is active the tweet button is gone and I also can't retweet anything. This is only on the website. If I use an app like Plume then I can tweet and retweet all I want Any idea why...
  7. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  8. SpartacusSystem

    [-] Twitter App - promoted tweets [Android]

    Can these be removed or does this have the same issue as Facebook's sponsored posts within its app?
  9. SpartacusSystem


    I think promoted tweets are weeding their way back into feeds... Code: <div class="tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable dismissible-content original-tweet js-original-tweet promoted-tweet has-cards has-content presented scribed"...
  10. B

    [Resolved] I Keep Getting Logged Out Of Twitter & YouTube With AdGuard 6.0

    I keep getting logged out of both Twitter and YouTube. When I disable AdGuard 6.0 the problem goes away. Any suggestions?