1. I

    AdGuard Home - Error Updating

    Hello. I have been using AdGuard on Windows 10 without problems for about a year now. I have started to have problems since the latest update. I now noticed that none of my filters were auto-updating and tried to manually update them but received (Error) for all of them. I waited for the...
  2. I

    Adguard for Windows DNS settings does not work on windows 11

    DNS setting by Adguard for Windows does not work after updating to windows 11 latest version. It uses the DNS set on my router. By manually setting the Adguard DNS IP address directly in windows 11 it works. Often when you refresh the Adguard testing page in a brief period, you will find that...
  3. C

    automatic update

    why are Adguard filters not updated automatically? having to update them manually is a problem.
  4. J

    Unable to install update 2.10.176

    After I click on "update" I get to a page that says: "Do you want to install an update to this existing application? Your existing data will not be lost. It does not require any special access." Clicking on Install does nothing. Is this problem at my end?
  5. Sunshine-boy

    Cant update to the new verions!

    Every time I start the update for the beta version(a program update is available!) I see Adgaurd go through 60% and after that update process crash without any error or alert... I mean I cant get to 100%.Any idea?
  6. D

    Auto Filter Updating In The Background

    All the best adblockers for iOS have automatic filter updating in the background. I'd like to see that come to Adguard for iOS. It's kind of a nuisance have to remember to open the app to update the filters.
  7. R

    Filters only update when I open the app

    AdGuard seems to work fine on my iOS devices, but the filters seem never to update in the background. They get stale until I happen to open the app to check settings etc. The "last updated" date has been weeks or months in the past sometimes. Help?
  8. M.D.Zelter

    Проблема с установкой обновления

    Здравствуйте Уважаемые ADGuard-user's! Впервые за последние годы случилась проблема с установкой обновления для ADGUARD версии Перезагрузка ПК не помогла. Обновление на протяжении 30.11.2016 г. постоянно горит на значке в трее. ADGUARD видит обновление, скачивает успешно, но не...
  9. A

    Update process - still too difficult

    I've just updated to AG but I'm still amazed at how cumbersome the process is. The icon in the system tram has a prompt - excellent I open AG and go to the About box - there is an Update button - excellent I click the Update button; it downloads the update - excellent ...then...
  10. P

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.252.1283 fails to auto-update

    Adguard for Windows v6.1.252.1283 notified me of a new version, downloaded it and has been stuck on "Starting Update ..." ever since. Restarting Windows and restarting Adguard didn't resolve this, it always gets stuck on "Starting Update ...". I'll manually update, but it's probably worth...
  11. diggmc

    Q: Application Update Notification?

    Hi I bought (lifetime) and installed AdGuard for Android v2.0.67 some time back and I'm sure I received an email informing me of a software update but I can't find it in my gmail archive so I might be mistaken. Anyhow I've not been by the site for quite a while and was running 2.1.240...
  12. FiB3R

    Updating and other issues

    When I manually checked for an update, the program told me there was a new version. Adguard then failed to auto update, giving an error that unfortunately I cannot remember, I think it was regarding the inability to access something, maybe to do with my account? I'm not sure. It had a random...