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    Adguard: how to block a specific URL ?

    Hi. Adblock seems not to handle Anti-Adblocker scripts on pages, if i did not miss an existing Adguard rule, filter set. So it comes to a redirect to an Adblockwall eg: https://www.bild.de/adblockwall.html This Adblocker-Blocker redirection i want to block. In the Adguard addon user rules...
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    [QUESTION] Is there a way to block a website completely?

    Hi, so I've been facing this problem in the filtering logs, where an app like ShareIt just change the preceding part of the website Maybe I'm blind.. And I couldn't see the obvious.. Sorry if that's the case.. ):
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    Add Filters By URL

    One of my favorite features of Adguard Pro for Windows is The ability to add filters by URL. I realize this feature can't be added to the free iOS Adguard, but what about adding it as a $0.99 in-app purchase? I'd pay! It would cut down the number of filters I have enabled! Please consider this...
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    [*] accuradio.com

    http://www.accuradio.com/sweeper/ This is what serves accuradio ads. I use *sweeper* in ublock origin, and it kills all audio adds within accuradio. The usual ads a dealt with the usual way. Want to rid myself of Ublock origin, and stick with you guys. THANK YOU