user agent

  1. chief117

    User Agent kinda working, kinda not

    Hi, AdGuard is working only partly for me. User Agent is one of those problems. I use latest Mozilla Firefox and Google knows my real User Agent. On Edge Google is kinda puzzled tho. Check screenshots below.
  2. S


    Как правильно здесь прописать Пользовательский User-Agen
  3. D

    Modify user agent feature needed

    Hello all, I've purchased and been using Adguard for a good while on my desktop, mobile phone, and tablet pc. And I noticed that there is 'hide user agent' function on PC version. Now, I've been looking for a way to change user agent on Android. Here's the reason: I'm using a 8 inch tablet and...
  4. A

    HELP!! Force / Change user agent..

    I have done a totally stupid thing, bought a PS4 (sorry to the gamers)... So far I've thanks to Adguard made it work nice with almost all streaming sites, there is just ONE little thing is still want to accomplish and I'm hoping it could be done through Adguard.. Can i make a wildcard rule...