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  1. Lorne Wolf MacKenzie

    Questions about DNS Custom Filter's

    Running a Galaxy A8 (2018) using latest AG (as per screenshot) but have either overlooked an explanation or I just can't get it in basic. Under the DNS Category, is a "new" feature called "DNS USER FILTER" which is self-explanatory. BUT trying to get it explained... According to the KB page, it...
  2. Thozi

    Zero Tolerance Custom Filters not working anymore in 7.0.2578.6431 BETA

    After updating to 7.0.2578.6431 BETA, the zero-tolerance filters stopped working especially 's anti adblock script is now blocking from entering the site again... (worked before the update to 7.0.2578.6431 BETA) are there updated zero-tolerance filters available pleasE?
  3. Z

    App accesses the internet through dns

    I've blocked an app called QualityTime from using the internet. (Through the app info. i.e. system and Adguard) [Local proxy setup mode: Automatic (root)] And also blocked the website it connects to: (User Filter: “||*^$empty”) Adguard says that the app hasn't...
  4. Z

    [QUESTION] Is there a way to block a website completely?

    Hi, so I've been facing this problem in the filtering logs, where an app like ShareIt just change the preceding part of the website Maybe I'm blind.. And I couldn't see the obvious.. Sorry if that's the case.. ):
  5. M

    Where is the blacklist?

    I May have added something to it, but can’t find it to check. Whitelist is there, but at a loss in trying to remove from the blacklist. Thank you