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    Since monday, video ads are shown occasionally when watching a video. In most cases the ads will still be blocked, but sometimes there is a spot to see. Most likely I'll see advertising when...
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    Video ads are played if you want to watch a video. An example:
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    Помогите, пожалуйста, заблокировать видео в новостях от Ленты.ру

    Здравствуйте! Подскажите, пожалуйста, как можно убрать видео из новостей Ленты.ру, например, на страницах или ? Ну или хотя бы убрать автозапуск этих и...
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    AdGuard breaks Amazon Video (UK) on MacOS (Safari/Browser/Chrome)

    Hi, OS: MacOS 10.12.6 Browser: all in title, focussing on Safari 10.1.2 Problem: Amazon Video ( won't play with ad blocking enabled. In detail: on clicking a thumbnail or Resume link, the Amazon video player loads, plays a trailer, but when it's finished will output a 7031 error code...
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    Video Autoplay blocking

    I know that some browsers have built-in feature to block video autoplay on websites, and other browsers support this via extensions/plug-ins. It would be great if Adguard provided this feature so I could have it across all of my devices.
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    Apps doesn't show videos

    Hello I have got issues with videos. Bein Sports TR and apps doesn't show videos when adguard is on. How can we make them work again ?