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  1. N

    video not loaded be coz adblock

    iam alway Watch movies for thie site Sexaflam but the video video not loaded be coz adblock When turn off adblock video working but with ads
  2. d0x

    Auto playing videos

    In chrome (can't use Firefox or I would) I have auto play shut off for audio and video yet I constantly see auto play videos... Is there something I'm missing here?
  3. T

    Since monday, video ads are shown occasionally when watching a video. In most cases the ads will still be blocked, but sometimes there is a spot to see. Most likely I'll see advertising when...
  4. T


    Video ads are played if you want to watch a video. An example:
  5. J

    TenPlay: Brightcove's server-side video ads in catch-up TV

    AdGuard fails to block the server-side video ads inserted into catch-up video streams on: This link suggests the method being used to prevent these ads from being blocked...
  6. A

    [-] Getting Video ads on website

    For the first time ever I got a video ad in the bottom right corner of screen on the website. I was on this page - I refreshed the page and checked AG was alive and updated and video kept coming back. Using AG 6.2.369.1938 on...