video cant load

  1. N

    video not loaded be coz adblock

    iam alway Watch movies for thie site Sexaflam but the video video not loaded be coz adblock When turn off adblock video working but with ads
  2. P

    [Resolved][iOS] Cannot load videos on a website

    When I enable AdGuard it blocks all the adds just fine but it also makes the video disappear the moment that it loads... The website is It’s being caused by the general adguard content blocker as when I disable that, the video works but the ads come back... please help!
  3. E

    [Resolved] video blocked

    Hi, there are many problem with one website. Adguard and website doesn't work, can't load! There probles is in my pc: windows 10 beta home insider preview build 18282.rs_prerelease.181109-1613 with adguard 6.4.1840.4955 alpha. In attachment, you see my problem with...
  4. sajithSAM

    Tube videos buffer slowly

    I have been using adguard for years. It worked very well for me. But now i have a little issue with tube video buffering. (Ex: xhamster, pornhub etc..) when i disable the adguard it buffers smoothly. But when adguard is enabled its quite slow. Im using the latest version of adguard for android...
  5. N

    Some of the webpage online Video cant load!

    Some of the webpage online Video cant load! I have tried >>do not block 30 secont<< does not work only i need to disable protection. Example of: