video cant load

  1. E

    [Resolved] video blocked

    Hi, there are many problem with one website. Adguard and website doesn't work, can't load! There probles is in my pc: windows 10 beta home insider preview build 18282.rs_prerelease.181109-1613 with adguard 6.4.1840.4955 alpha. In attachment, you see my problem with...
  2. sajithSAM

    Tube videos buffer slowly

    I have been using adguard for years. It worked very well for me. But now i have a little issue with tube video buffering. (Ex: xhamster, pornhub etc..) when i disable the adguard it buffers smoothly. But when adguard is enabled its quite slow. Im using the latest version of adguard for android...
  3. N

    Some of the webpage online Video cant load!

    Some of the webpage online Video cant load! I have tried >>do not block 30 secont<< does not work only i need to disable protection. Example of: