vpn disconnect

  1. S

    AdGuard VPN

    У меня было установлено ваше vpn бесплатно, я решила воспользоваться годовым предложением со скидкой и приобрести через сообщение на почте подписку на год. После этого приложение при входе стало выдавать « нет связи» нинзя летает в темном космосе с закрытыми глазами. Я его удалила...
  2. codyghind

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    I am using AdGuard for Windows and sometimes I want to connect to a VPN server. My VPN client is VPNSecure. Every time I enable my VPN client and connect to some server, internet connection gets entirely blocked. The only way to utilize a VPN connection is by first disabling AdGuard. How can I...
  3. Shonky

    DNS protection and reconnecting VPN behavior in iOS

    With DNS protection enabled a VPN is created to make it actually work. That I understand. It is kind of annoying tho that every time I pick up my iPhone, Wi-Fi and the VPN reconnect. Anything we can do about this? Or is this typical iOS behavior?
  4. A

    AdGuard blocks web traffic after disconnection of "real" VPN

    hello, Win10 1909 (thoroughly updated) Chrome 81.0.4044.113 (I don't think it matters) AdGuard V7.3 Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile Client V4.8.01090 1. I work via LAN (not VPN yet) connection --> everything (including web browsing and ad filtering) works fine 2. I establish VPN session via...