1. A

    AG VPN on Android - disconnects multiple times per day

    I'm using AG VPN for Android v1.0.131 (SOCKS proxy mode) and AG for Android v3.4.120 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 (not rooted). I am working from home so 99% of the time my phone is connected to WiFi as well as 4G LTE. I am connecting to the Sydney VPN location. I could try others...
  2. T

    AdGuard перестает работать после подключения к VPN

    Здравствуйте! Приложение перестает блокировать рекламу после подключения к впну, нет даже маленького значка AdGuard'а в браузере Плагин для браузера так же не блокирует рекламу Впн - VPNGame Adguard 7.4.2 Win 10
  3. Nuria

    How to enable and disable VPN in AG?

    I can see the key symbol on my notification bar, but my Ip hasn't changed, so I'm not sure if VPN is enabled. It doesn't connect me anywhere. But, if it's enabled, how can I disable it without disabling the protection? Is there a way to enable and disable the VPN service? Thank you.
  4. L

    Adguard VPN causes Android 9 Meizu phone on Cellular connection to reboot as soon as VPN is connected.

    Hi, I saw some threads about phones rebooting when using AdGuard with Android 10, but this happens to me on Flyme which is based on Android 9. I narrowed it down to Adguard VPN and it only happens on cellular connections, not on WIFI. I even tried updating to AdGuard Beta 3.3RC1, didn't...
  5. A

    Встречайте AdGuard VPN!

    AdGuard VPN! Расширение AdGuard VPN для Chrome (comss.ru и Магазин расширений для Хрома) Сайт https://adguard-vpn.com/ru/ И два вопроса: 1) Это легально и безопасно? Это действительно новый продукт AdGuard или это какие-то мошенники? 2) Планируется ли выпуск дополнения для Firefox? Если да...
  6. noisygirlkk

    AdGuard + 3rd party VPN on MacOS

    I wonder if anyone has experience running Adguard on MacOS in conjunction with a third-party VPN service such as HotspotShield or VPN Unlimited? I am interested in the ad-blocking and anti-spyware capabilities of Adguard but am concerned that it may complicate my set-up too much to try to get it...
  7. M

    Adguard and other vpn's

    Hi, i just have a query. Can i not use adguard with other vpn services like vpnhub or justvpn? Out of two only one can be active at a time. Can they both be active at same time?
  8. M

    [Resolved]since AG mac 2.0.4: AG dont work with my VPN (AirVPN)

    i try to uninstall all of AG files, install new, but nothing helps. i can start my VPN (AirVPN) with the app eddie. all is ok. then i can start AG and its working. but when i have AG on, and then start eddie, nothing works. if i stop AG, nothing works. the only way ist a restart of my mac...
  9. T

    AirVPN is not working with Adguard on Windows

    So Eddie (VPN client from AirVPN) is not working with Adguard anymore. Earlier I did not have this issue. I try to turn off different programs, like a firewall, but Eddie started working olny after I turn off Adguard. I'm also using Adguard DNS, but it's fine, when AdGuard is turn off. Do you...
  10. TechDoctorUK

    HOWTO use Adguard with a VPN at the same time (Firestick / Android)

    hey guys, I created this step by step guide on how you active Adguard but at the same time connect to a VPN to mask your IP address. Essentially we are going to use Adguard to make a SOCKS5 proxy connection to our VPN provider. In my demo, I used IPVanish. You can see the guide here Many...
  11. A

    Best Firestick VPN

    I recently bought a new firestick device, now I am looking forward to the best VPN for Amazon Firestick. Which VPN should I go for safe and secure streaming on firestick? Some of the firestick apps are also geo-blocked. Which VPN can unblock apps for firestick? Which one is more secure need...
  12. X

    How to use Nordvpn with adguard - Non rooted

    Hello there so am trying to use the adguard with the vpn but nothing is working at all so could i get some help please . the things i did and followed the guide https://kb.adguard.com/en/android/solving-problems/adguard-outbound-proxy am using the latest adugard app 3.0 1- turn off...
  13. B

    ExpressVPN and Adguard

    Hi. I was wondering, what needs to be done to get a full compatibility between Adguard Pro DNS and ExpressVPN? Best. Bruno
  14. A

    Blocked sites by ISP not accessable under Proxy Mode with NordVPN.

    Hi there, I'm trying to get Adguard to work with NordVPN under proxy mode. The proxy server adblocker works with unblocked sites however I'm facing issues with blocked sites being unaccessible even with the proxy on. My DNS addresses were leaking so I fixed the issue by using NordVPN DNS in app...
  15. H

    Exclusive Christmas VPN Deal Is Here!

    PureVPN Exclusive Christmas VPN Deal is here at https://www.purevpn.com/vpn-deals/christmas Enjoy 1 Year at $35.4 or 2.95/m
  16. H

    [Решено] AdGuard конфликтует с ProtonVPN

    Здравствуйте, столкнулся с проблемой. Я использую ProtonVPN, а конкретно функцию под названием разделенное туннелирование (функция, позволяющая исключать приложения или IP-адреса из туннеля VPN). Так вот на бесплатных серверах торрент трафик недоступен, ну и ладно бы, думал я, сейчас исключу...
  17. Cheekfire

    Кому доверяем данные?

    Всем привет. Я правильно понимаю, что устанавливая галочку «Антитрекинг» в pro версии на iOS, включается VPN и все исходящие/входящие подключения в интернет идут через серверы AdGuard? Другими словами, я доверяю все свои данные этому сервису. Объясните новичку, пожалуйста.
  18. S

    AdGuard with Psiphon

    Hello. How could I make Psiphon to work with AdGuard? I saw other threads, like this one below: https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/how-to-use-ag-another-apps-vpn-at-the-same-time.21836/ However, I couldn't figure out how to "configure proxy for each WiFi network manually", well actually...
  19. P

    Just a quick question

    I read a recent article that indicates Apple has banned Ad Blockers that use VPN profiles. Does this mean AdGuard Pro will eventually lose the ability to manually block trackers, or any address I like, that shows up in the DNS requests?
  20. F

    Одновременное использование Adguard с VPN клиентом.

    Привет, господа разработчики. Будет ли когда-нибудь добавлена возможность полноценного использования Adguard защиты и другого VPN приложения, а не socks5 прокси(поскольку те не обеспечивают нужного уровня анонимности)? Хотя бы такой вопрос рассматривался? Хотелось бы использовать ваш продукт и...