1. S

    [BUG & Q] AdGuard won’t work with its VPN in Integrated Mode

    I’m on iOS 15.5, but I observed this issue since at least iOS 14 - I set AG Blocker to AG implementation and the VPN to Integrated Mode and all I get is the VPN status “Connecting…” endlessly. I can only use the Blocker and VPN app together by using Native DNS for the Blocker app, and VPN set...
  2. G

    The system has a DNS profile installed. DNS protection may not work.

    Yesterday after purchasing Adguard VPN, i tweaked Adguard on all my apple devices, including my safari browser on my MacAir. (I have been running my MacAir through your servers with excellent results since you provided the new address's Yesterday this pop up attached began showing up. I do...
  3. S

    AdGuard + AdGuard VPN

    Проблема в связке с AdGuardVPN. Не работает в выборочном режиме исключений: половину сайтов не открывает. А при подключении wi-fi, так почти ничего не работает. Но сайты, которые добавлены в работу через vpn, открывает исправно. Много уже настроек пробовал, ничего не помогает. Очень прошу решить.
  4. A

    [Решено] AdGuard VPN на MacBook M1

    Добрый день! Подскажите, пожалуйста, при запуске приложения AdGuard VPN на MacBook M1 (macOS Big Sur 11.6) в настройки автоматически добавляется AdGuard VPN IPsec. При этом система выдает следующее окно: Что в нем необходимо указывать? Естественно попробовал данные от учетной записи и...
  5. G

    Domain name excluded, but the page still shows an error?!

    Hello everyone, the following dating website www.afspraakjes.com doesn't accept proxy servers or a VPN. Therefor I have excluded this whole domain name in the AdGuard VPN settings but when I do that I still get the following error message on the browser page, see screenshot in attachment...
  6. M

    Gleam.io can detect AdGuard VPN

    According to the information I read in an article about your VPN, it is supposed to be practically impossible to detect because it would be indistinguishable from HTTPS traffic, am I right? However, when trying to access an airdrop in gleam.io, it detects the vpn and asks me to deactivate it to...
  7. G

    Windows 11 problems with DNS protection...

    Microsoft Store and Windows Update do not work until I disable Adguard. All the days of updates then come pouring in. It has to be the DNS, I am not filtering any of those processes. All I can think of to do is try to add a bunch of update servers to the DNS exclusions. Is Adguard a DNS proxy...
  8. Maris

    [Решено] Почему значок VPN есть, хотя VPN не установлен?

    Здравствуйте. Использую приложения для удаления рекламы. Анонимность не нужна, поэтому AdGuard VPN не включаю. Где-то в приложении нужно пояснение, ибо не очевидно.
  9. B

    All communications will be blocked

    I have Adguard VPN set to start when my Mac starts up and I have been unable to communicate when I start up my Mac for a few days now. I can open the Network item in System Preferences at startup and remove from DNS to enable communication. Before I changed my DNS, the Adugard VPN...
  10. A

    Is there any no log vpn?

    I am a newbie here, I was told that my question will be answered here. I need to buy a VPN that is secure, keeps no record of its customer, and is reliable for content unblocking. As far as I have done my research I have shortlisted a few VPNs like Nord, express, surfshark, and purevpn. All of...
  11. J

    Which local VPN to use? AG + AGVPN

    I use Adguard & recently bought Adguard VPN. However, I have a question regarding the local VPN profile on iOS. When I got AGVPN, It created a second local VPN as shown in the image. So now I have: Local VPN: -AdGuard -AdGuard VPN Personal VPN -AdGuard VPN IPSec I have this configuration on...
  12. V

    DNS feature have conflic with many VPN apps

    As stated in the title since you released the DNS feature all my VPN apps have issues to connect or disconnect, sometimes I lose entirely connection to internet after disconnecting from VPN. As a temporary solution I disable the DNS feature for a few secs while changing the status of the VPN...
  13. godids

    AdGuard VPN позволяет обходить блокировки?

    Поставил Adguard Vpn, включил. Попробовал ломануться на 4pda, rutracker, nnmclub. Никуда не пускает. Так и должно быть? Adguard Vpn нельзя использовать для обхода российских блокировок сайтов? Или я что то сделал не так?
  14. M

    Use AdGuard with a VPN

    AdGuard uses a VPN connection to filter the traffic, so currently you can't use another VPN at the same time. I know that you can use AdGuard also in the Proxy Filtering Mode, but this is really inconvenient if your device isn't rooted. So my feature request is the following: integrate in...
  15. H

    Adguard VPN integrated with Adguard Home

    Hi! I couldn`t find here in the forum a session for Adguard VPN/Adguard Home, so I will write it here. If there is a better place please move it there. I just set up a Rasbperry Pi as an Adguard Home server, then I pointed my DNS to the Adguard Home IP address. Everything is working fine...
  16. L

    AdGuard and AVG VPN issues.

    Hello guys, I am a total newbie here when it comes to AdGuard and how to optimise it properly. At the moment I have the AdGuard premium version on my windows 10, and having also AVG VPN, and for some reason when they run together the internet goes really really slow and often hangs up almost...
  17. codyghind

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    I am using AdGuard for Windows and sometimes I want to connect to a VPN server. My VPN client is VPNSecure. Every time I enable my VPN client and connect to some server, internet connection gets entirely blocked. The only way to utilize a VPN connection is by first disabling AdGuard. How can I...
  18. I

    AdGuard VPN protocols

    Hello, Aguard Team. I have been using Adguard products for some time, i have a lifetime premium for the iOS app (i am a beta-tester also) and recently i decided to give a try to AdGuard VPN because it has great compatibility with Adguard DNS protection. I have few questions about protocols. I...
  19. Shonky

    DNS protection and reconnecting VPN behavior in iOS

    With DNS protection enabled a VPN is created to make it actually work. That I understand. It is kind of annoying tho that every time I pick up my iPhone, Wi-Fi and the VPN reconnect. Anything we can do about this? Or is this typical iOS behavior?
  20. Y

    Adguard VPN for Chrome is not working properly

    There are many issues, now I will mention only one: the speed. It is impossible even to browse - most of the time there is no response at all from the page, though you are promising streaming. It was working better even with a free connection. Contacting the support does not deliver anything. No...