1. godids

    AdGuard VPN позволяет обходить блокировки?

    Поставил Adguard Vpn, включил. Попробовал ломануться на 4pda, rutracker, nnmclub. Никуда не пускает. Так и должно быть? Adguard Vpn нельзя использовать для обхода российских блокировок сайтов? Или я что то сделал не так?
  2. M

    Use AdGuard with a VPN

    AdGuard uses a VPN connection to filter the traffic, so currently you can't use another VPN at the same time. I know that you can use AdGuard also in the Proxy Filtering Mode, but this is really inconvenient if your device isn't rooted. So my feature request is the following: integrate in...
  3. H

    Adguard VPN integrated with Adguard Home

    Hi! I couldn`t find here in the forum a session for Adguard VPN/Adguard Home, so I will write it here. If there is a better place please move it there. I just set up a Rasbperry Pi as an Adguard Home server, then I pointed my DNS to the Adguard Home IP address. Everything is working fine...
  4. L

    AdGuard and AVG VPN issues.

    Hello guys, I am a total newbie here when it comes to AdGuard and how to optimise it properly. At the moment I have the AdGuard premium version on my windows 10, and having also AVG VPN, and for some reason when they run together the internet goes really really slow and often hangs up almost...
  5. codyghind

    AdGuard + External VPN = No connection

    I am using AdGuard for Windows and sometimes I want to connect to a VPN server. My VPN client is VPNSecure. Every time I enable my VPN client and connect to some server, internet connection gets entirely blocked. The only way to utilize a VPN connection is by first disabling AdGuard. How can I...
  6. D

    AdGuard VPN protocols

    Hello, Aguard Team. I have been using Adguard products for some time, i have a lifetime premium for the iOS app (i am a beta-tester also) and recently i decided to give a try to AdGuard VPN because it has great compatibility with Adguard DNS protection. I have few questions about protocols. I...
  7. Shonky

    DNS protection and reconnecting VPN behavior in iOS

    With DNS protection enabled a VPN is created to make it actually work. That I understand. It is kind of annoying tho that every time I pick up my iPhone, Wi-Fi and the VPN reconnect. Anything we can do about this? Or is this typical iOS behavior?
  8. Y

    Adguard VPN for Chrome is not working properly

    There are many issues, now I will mention only one: the speed. It is impossible even to browse - most of the time there is no response at all from the page, though you are promising streaming. It was working better even with a free connection. Contacting the support does not deliver anything. No...
  9. M

    Want to know adguard vpn feature

    I want to know your VPN with subscription features include of the following: Maximum download speed and maximum upload speed Netflix compatibility P2P support Encryption : AES-256 bit or not DNS leak protection when use Adguard dns in regular mode or when use integrated mode with Adguard for...
  10. A

    AG VPN - AU server - Websites detect as Japan

    Hi, Using AU server in AG VPN is resulting in sites and search engines offering up Japanese versions of their sites. This has been going on for a while, multiple people have reported it, occurs on multiple devices. If I use a few geolocation sites they detect me as being in Japan. Tested with...
  11. V

    Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps

    Sometimes, Specially apps require "Please turn off the VPN" So, I request of this feature. Ability to turn VPN on and off in certain apps automatically. If I open the app that require turn off the vpn, then Adguard makes vpn off automatically. And I quit the app, then Adguard vpn works(on) again
  12. M

    Более гибкая ценовая политика для Adguard VPN

    Предлагаю сделать более гибкую ценовую политику. Например добавить Эконом тариф в котором будет возможность выбрать только один сервер скажем за 3$ . Это станет отличной альтернативой покупки vps на каком нибудь хостинге, только не придется заниматься установкой какого нибудь openvpn или...
  13. A

    Can't access to my NAS when VPN is up

    Hi, I'm trying NordVPN on my NAS. I followed the official guid and it's working fine. The biggest issue is that I can't reach my NAS anymore from my LAN. I'm not sure why the ssh connection is still up, but I can't reach the webui of any of my services and even the ping is not working. Also I...
  14. A

    AG VPN on Android - disconnects multiple times per day

    I'm using AG VPN for Android v1.0.131 (SOCKS proxy mode) and AG for Android v3.4.120 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10 (not rooted). I am working from home so 99% of the time my phone is connected to WiFi as well as 4G LTE. I am connecting to the Sydney VPN location. I could try others...
  15. T

    AdGuard перестает работать после подключения к VPN

    Здравствуйте! Приложение перестает блокировать рекламу после подключения к впну, нет даже маленького значка AdGuard'а в браузере Плагин для браузера так же не блокирует рекламу Впн - VPNGame Adguard 7.4.2 Win 10
  16. Nuria

    How to enable and disable VPN in AG?

    I can see the key symbol on my notification bar, but my Ip hasn't changed, so I'm not sure if VPN is enabled. It doesn't connect me anywhere. But, if it's enabled, how can I disable it without disabling the protection? Is there a way to enable and disable the VPN service? Thank you.
  17. L

    Adguard VPN causes Android 9 Meizu phone on Cellular connection to reboot as soon as VPN is connected.

    Hi, I saw some threads about phones rebooting when using AdGuard with Android 10, but this happens to me on Flyme which is based on Android 9. I narrowed it down to Adguard VPN and it only happens on cellular connections, not on WIFI. I even tried updating to AdGuard Beta 3.3RC1, didn't...
  18. A

    Встречайте AdGuard VPN!

    AdGuard VPN! Расширение AdGuard VPN для Chrome (comss.ru и Магазин расширений для Хрома) Сайт https://adguard-vpn.com/ru/ И два вопроса: 1) Это легально и безопасно? Это действительно новый продукт AdGuard или это какие-то мошенники? 2) Планируется ли выпуск дополнения для Firefox? Если да...
  19. noisygirlkk

    AdGuard + 3rd party VPN on MacOS

    I wonder if anyone has experience running Adguard on MacOS in conjunction with a third-party VPN service such as HotspotShield or VPN Unlimited? I am interested in the ad-blocking and anti-spyware capabilities of Adguard but am concerned that it may complicate my set-up too much to try to get it...
  20. M

    Adguard and other vpn's

    Hi, i just have a query. Can i not use adguard with other vpn services like vpnhub or justvpn? Out of two only one can be active at a time. Can they both be active at same time?