1. S

    AdGuard with Psiphon

    Hello. How could I make Psiphon to work with AdGuard? I saw other threads, like this one below: https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/how-to-use-ag-another-apps-vpn-at-the-same-time.21836/ However, I couldn't figure out how to "configure proxy for each WiFi network manually", well actually...
  2. P

    Just a quick question

    I read a recent article that indicates Apple has banned Ad Blockers that use VPN profiles. Does this mean AdGuard Pro will eventually lose the ability to manually block trackers, or any address I like, that shows up in the DNS requests?
  3. F

    Одновременное использование Adguard с VPN клиентом.

    Привет, господа разработчики. Будет ли когда-нибудь добавлена возможность полноценного использования Adguard защиты и другого VPN приложения, а не socks5 прокси(поскольку те не обеспечивают нужного уровня анонимности)? Хотя бы такой вопрос рассматривался? Хотелось бы использовать ваш продукт и...
  4. T

    NordVPN and Adguard

    Have licenses for both Windows and Android for Adguard. Recently decided to purchase a VPN package, and went with NordVPN since it was one of the three your documentation referenced. They appear to work fine together on Windows. On Android (Pixel 2 XL) my phone is not rooted. I setup proxy...
  5. fademind

    ProtonVPN alongside ADG for Android work

    It is any valid way for work ADG for Android alongside ProtonVPN? On Helpdesk I saw setup for NordVPN. I'm newbe in VPN setup stuff, so don't bite me ;)
  6. Z

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0

    1.2.1 vs 2.1.0 I am still on version 1.2.1, but I’m fed up updating all my 500 apps manually every day. What is the difference between AdGuard Pro 1.2.1 and post 1.2.1? Is there really no system wide ad blocking in latest versions?” Alternatively, is there any way I can enable automatic...
  7. Cool_Nick_Name

    [Android 8.1] [Resolved] Always-on VPN breaks Adguard start on boot

    I'm not exactly sure what the Always-on option in the VPN settings does, but when I activate it and restart my device it gives me a message saying my always-on VPN Adguard is disabled, so I have to manually start it in the app. With the setting turned off Adguard starts on boot normally. I'm...
  8. F

    Каскадный VPN

    Прошу рассмотреть возможность внедрить в программу встроенного vpn клиента для стандартных протоколов(например ipsec) чтобы собственный ВПН клиент ADGUARD работал уже поверх этой сети. Это позволит обезопасить работу на публичных/небезопасных подключениях. Сейчас приходится выбирать что то одно...
  9. SonofWes

    VPN Certificate installed by Samsung OS

    Hiya, fellas, I'm having an issue that I didn't see anything about. I noticed that I was beginning to see a lot of ads so I checked in the app and HTTP filtering was off. When I turned it back on the pop-up for the VPN Certificate came up and then the service turned itself back off. In the past...
  10. U

    Adguard Pro DNS Blacklist

    Now to be hosted only on Github @ https://github.com/X8716e/Adguard_Pro_iOS_DNSDOMBL Each file ending in _DOMBL.txt is a piece of the entire list derived from various sources. I set this up ~1.5h ago so I'm not nearly finished committing each piece of the entire list, though I will.
  11. A

    AG Android 2.10beta and Lookout for Work

    I have Lookout for Work (LfW v4.6.0.291) running on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Android 7.0) and since installing AG 2.10 beta I've started to get regular alerts from LfW about "Network Attack Detected" and telling me that I "should immediately disconnect from this VPN". LfW I'm guessing doesn't...
  12. J

    Does VPN icon show when using AdGuard Pro DNS

    I don't like the VPN icon showing when using fake VPN profiles Can someone confirm if using Adguard PRO DNS service, does the VPN icon show up on the status icon all the time? Also does it show up on the "VPN Configurations" section on the top half of VPN settings screen or on the "Personal...
  13. D

    AdGuard VPN

    Why adguard VPN not work like DNS Override’s VPN(don’t even need to connect, and no VPN icon at top, but still can modify DNS on Wi-Fi network and cellular network) It’s a bit annoying to see VPN icon at top. And somehow some website and application a bit slow. Also, it will be great if...
  14. R

    AdGuard VPN

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I think adguard should provide a VPN don't you think? Maybe even inbuilt into the applications. Sorry noticed lots of posts about this please delete.
  15. T

    Option to remove the VPN-icon in the iPhone-status-bar while AdGuard Pro is active

    I really love the opportunity to start a real VPN-connection while the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still running. I also love that the virtual local VPN-connection of Adguard Pro is still active after a restart of the iPhone. But since the virtual VPN-connection is always...
  16. R

    Radio doesnt work

    Hello, since few days the radio-website "www.1.fm/stations" or direct link to stream (example-> http://prmstrm.1.fm:8000/caferadio) doesn't work! I can't play any station! no connection possible. Is it possible that ADguard block anything on this site? Thank you.
  17. Woitler

    Партнёрская программа AdGuard Ad Blocker и AdGuard VPN - Как это работает?

    Для использования партнёрской программы AdGuard, Вам необходимо: 1. Пройти регистрацию на сайте партнёрской программы. 2. Ознакомиться и принять условия использования. 3. Выбрать валюту счёта: рубли, доллары или евро. Какой вариант сотрудничества предлагает AdGuard? Став партнёром AdGuard...
  18. Gutta

    AdGuard блокирует работу OpenVPN

    Установила и настроила по инструкции VPN подключение с помощью OpenVPN 2.4.1 VPN от FORNEX, IP динамический, файл настроек "готовый". OpenVPN не может установить соединение, постоянно пишет "переподключение", если Adguard отключить, проблема исчезает и соединение устанавливается. После...
  19. D

    Is AdGuard Pro not compatible with any VPN apps?

    I live in China, and VPNs are pretty much compulsory here :/ The app description stated that it may not work with 'some' VPN apps - so does this mean that it will work with others? I currently use Astrill VPN, with it's dedicated app, and was wondering if it was compatible with Adguard (or...
  20. P

    В Opera не работает VPN

    На форуме решения проблемы не нашёл, посему спрошу сам. В браузере Opera не работает VPN, вероятно Adguard блокирует Если закрыть Adguard, то всё работает Подскажите пожалуйста, можно в настройках Adguard энто дело поправить? Вкл-Выкл как то не нравится.