1. TairikuOkami

    Block WebRTC not working?

    Hi, I use Yandex browser and the inbuilt adguard and WebRTC is not blocked. When I use PrivacyBadger for example, IP is being blocked as expected.
  2. Y

    WebRTC leak suppression

    Hello, I'm using AdGuard with NordVPN seted up via Proxy settings. Everything works fine except my IP can be seen. Is there any solution to fix that? Maybe some rule that I can manually add to user filter. I've tried to switch some flags related to webrtc via chrome:flags but with no success.
  3. Thozi

    web.threema.ch doesn't work (webRTC related) how can i whitelist it

    adding an exception like @@||web.threema.ch^$document @@||web.threema.ch$document did not help if i disable adguard alltogether it works, which is of course - undesireable thus, the adguard icon is not showing in this page (as well as a few others), which of course, makes it difficult to...
  4. S

    Block WebRTC IP address leaks

    I use a VPN server when for privacy and notice that the latest version of FireFox leaks several IP addresses when visiting sites such as whoer.net. Leaked IP addresses include local LAN IP and public IP of local ISP gateway. I'm not sure if Adguard is the appropriate place to block such...