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    [Resolved] video blocked

    Hi, there are many problem with one website. Adguard and website doesn't work, can't load! There probles is in my pc: windows 10 beta home insider preview build 18282.rs_prerelease.181109-1613 with adguard 6.4.1840.4955 alpha. In attachment, you see my problem with...
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    Problem with photo slideshow

    Hi I have problem with photo slideshow in this website i see only 1 or max 2 photo, wait, for try if working, i put this "" in withelist in family filter setting from menu (AGD...
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    Radio doesnt work

    Hello, since few days the radio-website "" or direct link to stream (example-> doesn't work! I can't play any station! no connection possible. Is it possible that ADguard block anything on this site? Thank you.
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    [**Resolved] AdGuard breaks websites

    Hello, Since I have Adguard installed I experimented that there's several websites that Adguard breaks and they aren't showed. There's a lot, but I didn't register all, but for example, - - doesn't works the Login if I have the Adguard active, or the -...