1. Baeissa

    Can't exclude app from AdGuard

    Hello, I tried to use my banking app but it won't run with a VPN. I disabled "AdGuard protection" in the "Apps Management" menu I added the package name to "pref.excluded.packages" in the "Low-level settings" I whitelisted the domains I re-installed AdGuard and the banking app but the app...
  2. R

    Whitelist just one site

    Hy Anybody can help me whit that custom rule? AdGuard block google ads cokkies everywhere. Thats good, but i have one site where i need to unblock everything. Quantcast, google ads, trace cookie etc. THX.
  3. F

    How to unblock certain websites from Adguard DNS at router level?

    Hey! Hope you guys are doing well. So recently I've added Adguard DNS at my router so that ads can be blocked at router level. However, as you might know, certain websites break when using an adblocker. So I have to add some websites to whitelist like what I do in the browser extension, so that...
  4. J

    How can I allowlist (whitelist) all subdomains in Adguard?

    Good afternoon, The AdGuard browser extension recently changed the name of its "Whitelist", to "Allowlist". Additionally, all my subdomain rules for whitelist, in the form: *.somesite.com stopped working. How can we achieve the same effect in the new Allowlist? Thank you a lot.
  5. R

    Добавить запрос по протоколу TCP в белый список

    Добрый день. Нужно, чтобы все запросы с определённого сайта по всем протоколам были в белом списке. Т.е. чтобы статус у запроса был Whitelisted. По протоколу HTTPS добавил, как добавить по протоколу TCP?
  6. K

    Whitelist apps on iOS

    Heyo! I'm currently having some issues with the DNS protection interfering with the iOS Mail app. If the DNS protection is turned on (critical to blocking ads in various news apps), then every email I open is met with "Unable to load remote content privately" and pictures won't load until I hit...
  7. M

    White list with an asterisk does not work

    Hello :) When I put: *.gouv.fr -> doesn't work esante.gouv.fr -> works Is it possible to make the asterisks for the whitelist work on the iOS application? Regards
  8. N

    iOS Allow ads on specific app

    Hello, I’ve read some topics about allowing ads on a specific app but they were all outdated or for Android devices. I want to whitelist my Archero app where I am manually loading ads. I identified some domain names with the DNS Logs and I whitelisted these domains but I still can’t load ads...
  9. DARKKi

    Is it possible to whitelist Honey (Chrome Extension)?

    I ran into problems with Honey (i did not get "gold" from purchase) and contacted their support and i was told this: Then i asked what url should i whitelist in order for it to work correctly and i was told: So is there any way to do this?
  10. twistedvincent

    Whitelisting Amazon Prime App

    I've been using Adguard with my Shield TV successfully for well over a year with no issues but all of a sudden last week my Amazon Prime App wouldn't connect (JUST the prime app)) and I kept getting "internet connectivity issues". After posting to another board I found Adguard was the culprit...
  11. M

    How to whitelist a website

    How do I whitelist a website and also a whole domain for AdGuard on Windows? Also, on this website, after I submit information the whole page refreshes and the only thing that comes up is text on the top left saying /* Blocked by Adguard */ . I have attached an image to show what it looks...
  12. U

    Cannot Whitelist a site

    I cannot whitelist any sites. Tapping the search field on a iPhone 10 or iPad yields nothing. No keyboard or any other response. What am I missing?
  13. Roccobot

    Twitter and Facebook embed

    I'm using some anti-social annoyances which I really enjoy, BUT I'd like to see embedded tweets and Instagram posts in pages. Example: this page has a Twitter widget and I see it like this. Any suggestion for a proper whitelist rule? Thanks
  14. Jecht_Sin

    Adguard blocking captive network

    At work I connect to WiFi via a Captive Network. That means I do the following: - The WiFi at work shows as open - I connect my MBP to it - A popup window shows, which asks for the credentials - I authenticate - After that I have connection to the Internet The problem is that when Adguard is...
  15. M

    Where is the blacklist?

    I May have added something to it, but can’t find it to check. Whitelist is there, but at a loss in trying to remove from the blacklist. Thank you
  16. M

    whitelist third party javascript injected by bookmarklet

    Hello, at first I have to apologize for repost from here https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/whitelist-javascript-injected-by-bookmarklet.26573/#post-158460 I would like to ask if there is a way to whitelist javascript url injected by bookmarklet. I see it in whitelist and it is between...
  17. Logiciel Testeur

    Where do I report inappropriate websites [DNS Beta Family protection]

    Hi Adguard Community, I inputted the DNS Nameserver IP's into my LTE router and everything is working Ok as far as I can see, the forced "SafeSearch" is a fantastic feature. I would like to help by submitting some inappropriate websites so my question is where do you submit bad websites? Here...
  18. S

    Can you whitelist a page but not the domain?

    Hello, I want to use adguard on Facebook, but I don't want adguard to block the insights pages. Is it possible to only whitelist part of a website but not the whole thing? Thanks!
  19. A

    Whitelist wildcards

    I use invert whitelist and am trying to block ads on all wikia.com subdomains, but I haven't been able to find a way to do this. What I've tried so far: wikia.com - only blocks ads on wikia.com, not on any subdomain *.wikia.com - is saved as %2A.wikia.com and has no effect @@||wikia.com (as...
  20. J

    AdGuard breaks Amazon Video (UK) on MacOS (Safari/Browser/Chrome)

    Hi, OS: MacOS 10.12.6 Browser: all in title, focussing on Safari 10.1.2 Problem: Amazon Video (.co.uk) won't play with ad blocking enabled. In detail: on clicking a thumbnail or Resume link, the Amazon video player loads, plays a trailer, but when it's finished will output a 7031 error code...