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    Slow internet speeds when AdGuard is on

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal for most users or not, but when AdGuard is active, my internet speeds slow down by over 10 Mbps. I usually get around 23 - 30 Mbps when AdGuard is disabled, when it's on, it drops to between 12 - 17 Mbps. For me that's a big difference, and causes big...
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    Applications not Recognizing Wifi Connection

    For the last several weeks, I have been having an issue with my apps not recognizing my wifi connection. For instance, Google Photos, which I have set to upload photos whenever I connect to wifi, was never uploading photos. In order to force the upload, I would need to change the settings to...
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    Threat to WiFi WPA2 Now Everyday Reality. Neither Android nor iOS have solutions

    From a Riseup.net security update. Personal Note: Riseup is an email provider I use, along with RiseupBlack on my Linux desktop. Use Linux (Debian or Arch) and free yourself from “Defective by Design” operating systems. Wi-Fi Advisory =================================================== There...
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    MMS blocked when connected to wifi

    I can't send or receive MMS (group or picture messages) on Android when connected to a WiFi network with Adguard protection enabled using the HTTP proxy. It seems like this has been an issue for years, but I can't find a solution. This thread from 2015 discusses it at length, but no solution is...