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    Applications not Recognizing Wifi Connection

    For the last several weeks, I have been having an issue with my apps not recognizing my wifi connection. For instance, Google Photos, which I have set to upload photos whenever I connect to wifi, was never uploading photos. In order to force the upload, I would need to change the settings to...
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    Threat to WiFi WPA2 Now Everyday Reality. Neither Android nor iOS have solutions

    From a Riseup.net security update. Personal Note: Riseup is an email provider I use, along with RiseupBlack on my Linux desktop. Use Linux (Debian or Arch) and free yourself from “Defective by Design” operating systems. Wi-Fi Advisory =================================================== There...
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    MMS blocked when connected to wifi

    I can't send or receive MMS (group or picture messages) on Android when connected to a WiFi network with Adguard protection enabled using the HTTP proxy. It seems like this has been an issue for years, but I can't find a solution. This thread from 2015 discusses it at length, but no solution is...