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  1. N

    AdGuardHome on Multiple Docker Containers?

    I have one instance of AdguardHome running successfully on my Docker Desktop (Windows OS) container and it is accessible via a Private Static IP assigned to the host device that the container is running on. Is there a way for a container to have its own bridged network and therefore its own...
  2. L

    AdGuard home on spare laptop

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to set Adguard home on my old windows 10 laptop, so far I tried to run various commands to do the install from the AdGuard home github but no luck. I wish to do so to cover all the devices in my home as currently I am using the laptop with the Plex software so I...
  3. Breat

    Can't login in the Windows application

    Hi, Yesterday I renew my subscription for 2 years because the lastest stable version fixed my problems with your VPN and this morning I start my computer and AdGuard VPN application on Windows 10 Pro x64 21H2 ask me to login, it's weird but why not. I put my login and password and my 2FA code...
  4. Q

    Microsoft Defender: Trojan:Win32/MpTamperSrvDisableAV.D на Windows 10 21H1

    При включении галки выключения телеметрии windows defender находит Trojan:Win32/MpTamperSrvDisableAV.D Почему так? Что делать? Подозрение, что это adguard так пытается вырубить сервис телеметрии, но гугляж не дает никакого ответа про этот конкретный троян. У меня windows 10 pro 21H1 и adguard 7.6.1
  5. C

    Adguard блокирует сеть Xbox

    Решил поиграть в Форзу Хорайзн 4 по сети, но у меня не хотела подключаться к Хорайзн лайф. Проверил сеть Xbox и оказалось что подключение к серверу заблокировано, перепробовал все что советовали на форуме МС, решил отключить адгард и только после этого все заработало. Можно как-то решить эту...
  6. O

    No internet connection with AdGuard DNS-over-Https

    Hi there, when I start DNS-over-Https in Adguard I'm offline. It doesn't matter which DNS I use from the Adguard list. If I deactivate DNS I'm online. I don't have this problem on iOS. Hope someone can help me. Thanks
  7. A

    Whitelist Android Emulator on Windows 10

    Hi peeps. I'm trying to whitelist Bluestacks app on Adguard as it breaks the network functionality of the apps in it. So far what I've tried: Settings > General Settings Tab > Advanced Settings > Key in the file path of Bluestacks installed (as attached in the pic) It doesn't work. What is...
  8. Steppinwolf

    AdGuard for Windows Killing Load Times for Some Websites

    I've used AdGuard's free extension and Chromium Edge for more than a year with no problems. Recently, I upgraded to the full app for Windows 10. I left all the default settings and filters as-is (no changes*). Immediately some websites started taking forever to load—anywhere from 10 seconds to...
  9. Katagari

    [Решено] Почему в системе два AdGuard?

    Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйста, почему в моей Windows 10 аж два AdGuard для Windows? Что не так и нужно ли это как-то исправлять? Фильтрация рекламы работает нормально. Вот так это выглядит в Диспетчере задач: Вот так это выглядит в CCleaner: Вот так это выглядит в списке установленных...
  10. Woitler

    Не скачиваются обновления для Windows 10 (AdGuard DNS в 7.5)

    После обновления AdGuard до версии 7.5 и включения DNS-модуля не скачиваются обновления для Windows 10. Было установлено обновление 7.5, в настройках DNS-модуля был выбрал AdGuard DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS), после чего, компьютер был перезагружен. Отключение телеметрии Windows 10 не включал. Никаких...
  11. W

    Stremio desktop app ad filtering on Windows

    Can't seem to block this one add in Stremio windows app. I tried putting this app's executable to filtering list, that doesn't help and it seems inactive, shaded I've also attached log when I'm clicking the ad in app if it helps. Web version in Firefox is clean Sorry if I am...
  12. F

    Login issue

    Hi, i can't login with the windows app. First try: i tried login with username and password --> wrong password Second try : reset password and again --> wrong password Third try: enable 2FA --> now password is ok but 2FA token is not valid. Fourth try: Unistalled using the tool (Advanced...
  13. P

    How to disable AdGuard Assistant Beta in chrome/Edge

    Is there a way to exclude some apps from showing the assistant ?
  14. A

    AGW 7.3 beta 1 - AG Assistant missing?

    I've recently upgraded to AGW 7.3 beta 1 on my Win 10 (1909) PC and have noticed that the AG Assistant is no longer loading over my browsers (Edge Dev 80.0.334.3, Chrome 78.0.3904.108, Edge 44.18362.449.0). Is this expected behaviour? I'm finding that when I add the AG Chrome extension, it...
  15. V

    Question about white listing

    Hello! Is there way to make all websites on default "not blocked" and then I get to choose which websites I wan't blocked? Use Case: All websites unblocked. As I browse sites that I wants ads blocked (youtube, facebook, LinkedIn, etc) I start to block them one by one. Is this possible? I...
  16. twistedvincent

    Can't Update

    I have a notice that says "new version available"(7.0.2693.6661) but when I click update it shuts down adguard and nothing happens. So I downloaded the exe file and tried that way and it says I already have the latest update BUT it still says update available when I right click the icon. What's...
  17. twistedvincent

    Enable Different Filters on Different Devices

    I'm trying to set up adguard on my shield tv but noticed the filters are the same as on my desktop. Is there a way to use different filters on each because obviously I have completely different adblock needs for each. BTW, I would like to whitelist the youtube vanced app but it's asking for a...
  18. T

    AirVPN is not working with Adguard on Windows

    So Eddie (VPN client from AirVPN) is not working with Adguard anymore. Earlier I did not have this issue. I try to turn off different programs, like a firewall, but Eddie started working olny after I turn off Adguard. I'm also using Adguard DNS, but it's fine, when AdGuard is turn off. Do you...
  19. twistedvincent

    Popup question

    I hope I didn't just screw things up. I have been getting an inordinate amount of popups recently and quite honestly completely forgot I had the Adguard blocker installed. Needless to say I THINK I was supposed to install a script from Greasyfork right? Anyway I need to be able to block a...
  20. D

    Adguard убивает скорость интернета на моей системе

    Давний пользователь программы, имею вечный ключ на несколько устройств. Проблема существует в течении года может чуть меньше. (раньше для меня была не критична, но сейчас стало невозможно работать) Ставиться Адгуард на чистую и лицензионную систему Windows 10, вирусов нет (проверенно касперским...