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  1. W


    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  2. F

    VideoMasti Club

    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
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    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
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    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  5. U_Syrex

    [Решено] (||

    Смотрю ролики с сайта ( , у них нет собственного плеера, поэтому они используют чужие, просто загружая их к себе. Вот, собственно смотрю у них постоянно через один плеер ( Рекламные ролики встроены в плеер(т.е. аналогично как на ютубе). При начале...
  6. E

    Problem with Adguard foto Windows 10

    why i see the filtres that I have disabled from the settings when i click on check for update button? Version 6.2 beta premium lifetime license, until August 2019
  7. A

    Windows UI sluggish requiring AG restart every 24 hours

    This is a 'semi-long-term' (i.e. many weeks.. possibly months) issue I've been encountering with AG. The symptom is that I go to use my PC (running 24x7) , often first thing in the morning or in the evening after not being used for a while, and I find mouse movement is sluggish and 'stuttery'...
  8. L

    Have a problem for Newest windows

    I use windows 10 pro (ver.1703 bulid 15063.413) When i use explorer or Edge browser, I cannot connect to any website. Then I uninstall adguard, it work! Is it problem of adguard or problem of window?
  9. Bushido

    Selection Mode is buggy

    I'm trying to select an blockable feature on the website. I have ,,Selection Mode" opened from browsers right-click menu. When ,,Selection Mode" is opened, then when I scroll web page or move ,,Selection Mode" pop-up, then green frames are disappearing. So I can't select anything. When I don't...
  10. rakers8

    Win10x64 Edge BSOD with AdGuard

    It gives the Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal blue code. I found this thread from back in July and disabled "TCP Fast Open" and the immediate blue screens stopped. Just wanted to report that this is still an issue; I just recently started testing the AG Windows version again so I'm not sure if...
  11. A

    Отключение слежения/шпионажа в Windows 10

    Было бы неплохо увидеть в программе отдельное меню, типа "Антиконфиденциальность", где можно будет отключать телеметрию и соответствующие службы, Кортану и т.п. в Виндовс 10 Плюс, на уровне драйвера, сделать простенький фаервол, чтобы блокировать адреса не через хост, а через программу.
  12. Dustyn

    CHROMIUM: YouTube now showing annoying advertisements...

    Hey yall, how you doing? To start off I am using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.51) Anniversary Update, Adguard v6.0.226.1108 and the latest snapshot release of Chromium. For some rather strange annoying reason, Adguard doesn't seem to want to filter out YouTube...
  13. Bushido

    AdGuard conflicts with Opera VPN

    Hello, I have installed Adguard for Windows 10. I use Opera browser in private mode. When I'm trying to use Opera's built-in VPN service in Opera's private mode together with Adguard for Windows, then Opera's VPN service stays connecting and doesn't connect. After disabling Adguard service via...
  14. J

    Mobicip BSOD with AdGuard

    I recently installed Adguard and was just about to purchase it when my son's session started having the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). I'm using Windows 10 64 bit and everything has been just fine. When I use my session I have no issues at all and Adguard does a great job locking what I don't...
  15. P

    AdGuard Causing Blue-Screen Error: IRQL Not Less or Equal

    There appears to be a conflict with Windows Defender: I have had to uninstall Adguard in order to avoid encountering the above blue screen error and hope that a remedy can be found soon.
  16. A

    [Windows Beta] System.IO.PathTooLongException

    I'm on Windows [version 10.0.10586]. I was having slow loading and locks problems, so I opened logs to see if there was problems. I found some repetitive error: "WARNING, AdguardSvc, 93, 26.11.2015 12:56:04.822, TCP id=6604 Cannot get base url: System.IO.PathTooLongException: The...
  17. F

    Windows 10 + AdGuard = перестали загружаться сайты

    Здравствуйте. На днях я установил на Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox, после чего воспользовался добавлением сертификатов(средствами самого Firefox) Adguard в Firefox, и блокировка в фоксе заработала. Затем я снова пересел на Яндекс Браузер, но страницы отказывались грузиться. Выключаю защиту Adguard...
  18. Wusa

    Ошибка подключения к службе AdGuard 5.10 final после перезагрузки Windows 10

    Даже удивляюсь, что на форуме еще не нашлось темы под мою проблему - начал обсуждение сабжа на ru-board, но там в последнее время в теме активность близка к нулю, потому продублирую запрос здесь. Суть проблемы: после полной перезагрузки Windows 10 final build 10240 AdGuard 5.10.2051 не может...