1. d0x

    [Resolved] [Android] Not blocking ads on Yahoo sites

    I'm getting ads anytime I visit a Yahoo based site. For example... The ad is also one of those super obnoxious ones that blocks tons of content and scrolls with the page. Ive had these ads show in both Chrome and...
  2. Gass

    AdGuard & Ymail - no go

    Just in a day or two and ymail now requires the total disabling of Adguard to log in. I tried to just untick "Stealth Mode" of Adguard and see if that was it, but no - while SM being unticked and trying to login again same notice (below). Still same unticked SM and a total disable of Adguard was...
  3. Gass

    What's Verizon Up To ?

    If you haven't heard, Yahoo plans to sell its operating business to Verizon. They anticipate the completion of the transaction to occur in June 2017. At the completion, the Yahoo operating business will join the Verizon family of companies, and Yahoo Holdings, Inc. will be offering the Yahoo...
  4. Gass

    ad's on all yahoo pages now and assistant icon gone from view

    Not much you can do to block an ad or element when the assistant icon is gone from view. I noticed it while viewing my emails ads, ads, ads, nasty ads. I couldn't block them no icon to use. When I closed out my email and the yahoo whatever you call it came up I had a video like banner at the...