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  1. SimplyCurious

    DNS unable to block YouTube ads on Playstation

    I am using DNS via my Windows PC so I hope this is the right category. No category is present for AdGuard DNS, only the browser extension. It is unable to block YouTube ads via the Playstation app. Justin from Telegram said something about the videos and the ads being on the same domain, and...
  2. T

    Block YouTube ads in Safari IOS

    I am using Adguard and it blocks all the ads on the YouTube website in safari. However, it always says the ad will be skipped in 5 seconds. Is there an option to block the ads instantly so that they are skipped straight away? This way I do not get advertisements but still, my music always pauses...
  3. F

    No longer blocking YouTube ads?

    Hi all, I started having this issue just this morning. I noticed that the video wouldn't load and an error code would pop up on the player. When I would go to pause Adguard it would work fine but with ads. I have uninstalled the extension and reinstalled, still same issue. I'm wondering if YT...