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  1. T

    Block YouTube ads in Safari IOS

    I am using Adguard and it blocks all the ads on the YouTube website in safari. However, it always says the ad will be skipped in 5 seconds. Is there an option to block the ads instantly so that they are skipped straight away? This way I do not get advertisements but still, my music always pauses...
  2. Scarlett Wolf

    [Решено] Будет ли премиум блокировать рекламу в YouTube?

    Реклама в ютюбе мне не мешает, но меня ужасно достала реклама бога после 12:00. Будет ли премиум AdGuard её блокировать?
  3. twistedvincent

    Where Can I Find 2.10.108

    I would like to find this apk since it seems to be the only version that blocks youtube ads when using Nvidia Shield TV. Or if anybody else can show me how using another premium version... Thank You.
  4. S

    Blocking encrypted YouTube ads is possible | @devs & users

    Hello everyone, This thread is mainly for those of you, how have a non-rooted android device and want to get rid of the YouTube Ads and of course for the developers of AdGuard. To the users: According to this (sticky) post, it is no longer possible to block ads in the YouTube app. That's true...
  5. K

    Youtube app Feb 2018

    Hey, I watch a post on the blong where it is recommended to turn on HTTPS filtering and clear YouTube app's data after each reboot. I tried that with the newest app but ads still appeared. Then I discovered here that it no longer works for YT. But saw also a post by someone that if I delete...