youtube filter

  1. SergZZZ

    YouTube ads are slipping in through AdGuard

    AdGauard does an excellent job at blocking most of the junk, but recently I have noticed that some of the ads especially on are slipping in through AdGuard filters. I am talking about preroll ads. Youtube is aware that I am blocking their advertisements, so they have been showing a...
  2. B

    AdGuard v2.8 wont block youtube ads

    I just got the new Adguard update that is v2.8 and i installed the HTTPS Filtering certification. After that i reset the YouTube app to factory default (made sure i wasn't on power saving mode) and went to watch a video and i had to watch a AD. I just wanted to know if there was a fix for this.
  3. C


    I know adblock has a way to whitelist specific youtubers so you see ads on their channel but adguard doesn't have that feature directly implanted in their settings and you have to add a filter or which ever yourself to do the same thing here. I'd love to do that but I can't seem to wrap my head...