0 dns queries in dashboard (AdGuard 4.6)


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Hi All,

I followed the guide to set up AdGuard via HomeAssistant OS. The version is 4.6

I configured the router correctly so DHCP provides AdGuard IP for primary DNS. I can see that the dns has been set to AdGuarD IP on my WIndows machine (ipconfig -all).

When I look at the dashboard, the DNS query static is 0. When I run NSLOOKUP Google.com, it queries the AdGuard IP but the request times out 2. I can ping

I restarted the router, the HomeAssistant machine, uinstalled and reinstalled AdGuard multiple times.

There is nothing much to config as out of box. I followed the guide and youtube videos but not sure if something is wrong here. Could you please help or share tips?

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