2 dumb questions..... HELP!!!


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This question is related to AdGuard for Apple iOS Version 4.0.4

I have two dumb questions.....

Question #1

If I go to ( Settings -> Safari Protection -> Filters ) these list are listed by default as options to turn on.

(Base filter, Mobile Ad Filters, Easy List, Easy List, Peter Lowe’s Blacklist, Tracking Protection Filter, EasyPrivacey, Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List, Fanboy’s Anti-FaceBook List, Fanboy’s Anti-Thirdparty Fonts, Fanboy’s Social Blocking List, Announce List, Fanboy’s Announce, Web Announce Ultralist, Adblock Warning Removale List, I don’t Care About Cookies, EasyList Cookies, Spam 404, NoCion Filer List, Filter unblocking search ads and self-promotions, Mobile ads filter, DNS filter, Experimental Filter, BarbBlock )

I might have missed one.... or two....

Are they already included in AdGuard’s DNS servers?
( "Default" servers: ( & ) AND "Family protection" servers: ( & )

Are they only active for Safari?

Are these only to be used when not connected to an AdGuard DNS server?

If I am connected to the Default or Family DNS server.... What is the point of turning these filters on if one is already using the AdGuard DNS server?

A better question I should ask is.... If I am connecting to a AdGuard DNS (Default OR Family) which lists should I turn on that are NOT already included in AdGurad’s DNS servers?

This is very confusing.... Plus, some Lists say they contain other Lists listed?!?!?!


Question #2

Once I’m off my home network and I am on AT&T’s cellular network I am assuming my DNS has not changed because my log states my DNS upstream is quic://dns.adguard.com So am I to assume AdGaurd’s DNS is still filtering with my cellular carrier? But If a site comes back blocked does that kick in AT&T’s secondary DNS? Do they have a secondary DNS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I must be missing something..... Or am I looking at this the wrong way?


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DNS can only block urls, not doing element hiding.
Not all those lists are in DNS, only AdGuard ones. Please note having every filter enabled can lead toe problems, so I suggest only using AdGuard ones and maybe third-party language filters.

If primary DNS ( in this case AdGuard) tells your device the domain is not found (either by unknown or because it is blocked), it will not revert.

You can use DNS address for any device.