2016 Christmas sale & tablet giveaway


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Hello and Merry Christmas!

We have reeeeallly good news for everyone who already feels the spirit of Christmas and wants to celebrate with Adguard. We offer 50% discount on all keys for 2 devices and more; this also applies to extending old licenses, the only requirement is the same: the license should be for 2 or more devices.

You can get a discount here.

But there's more! We also launch a giveaway of 3 ASUS Zenpad Z300CG tablets, and this time everyone is participating - everyone with Adguard license. Be it a lifetime license for 3+3 devices, or bonus license for 1 year, everyone is eligible - just make sure your license key hasn't expired yet and fill in this form until January 11, 2017. Winners will be announced on January 12, 2017.

In case there are any questions left, chances are they are already answered in our blog article.

Or you can ask them right here, under this post.

Merry Christmas and good luck!


Registration requires a telephone number to be notified.....can not receive text messages on my phone....do you still need the telephone number?