A Question about YouTube ads


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I know AdGuard does not currently filter ads in the app.
I wanted to ask if the programmers are working on new methods so the app can filter the commercials or they just gave up.
Is there any chance that in the future AdGuard will be able to filter such content or will it always be the case like now


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Idk, HTTPS filtering doesn't work with YouTube, the only way is to use modified YouTube app or parallels space.


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As much as i appreciate your fast and honest response i directed the question for programmers and those in charge around here so they can give me a detailed answer

Boo Berry

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The main problem is... let's say they do find some way to filter the ads out of the YouTube app, Google will probably patch it and stop it from working. You have to understand that Google is moving towards YouTube ads that can't be blocked or skipped thus rendering all ad blockers useless, requiring users to get a YouTube Premium subscription to have YouTube ads-free. YouTube is moving in the direction of becoming a video streaming service like Netflix and Hulu, even though Google doesn't really make any revenue from YouTube ads because everyone is using ad blockers. Twitch is also moving in this same direction.

And it's been years since AdGuard for Android was able to remove ads from the YouTube app because it can't filter the app now to begin with.

So I personally don't think there's really that much that can be done about it at the moment, other than using third-party apps like YouTube Vanced or NewPipe or view YouTube in a web browser (however long that lasts).