Ability to exclude certain sites from https-filtering


Beta Tester

I'm a new user of Adguard (trial version for now ;) ) and there is one thing which seems to be impossible in Adguard. Although I trust you (developers of Adguard), I would like to exclude some sites from the https-filtering.
The main reason for that is that I don't want the SSL certificate of the orginial site to be replaced by Adguard.

That is completely fine for me with sites like Youtube, Google, Facebook, but I hesitate a bit using my online banking, Paypal or similar sites when I can't see the security information of the original site.
There are no ads on Paypal and online banking anyway, so I would like to exclude these sites completely from filtering. The https-connection of these sites should be left completely untouched by Adguard.

Is this somehow possible?