Ability to tweet blocked when adguard is active


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This started recently..maybe 2 weeks ago. Basically I can go to Twitter, I'm logged in just fine but if adguard is active the tweet button is gone and I also can't retweet anything. This is only on the website. If I use an app like Plume then I can tweet and retweet all I want

Any idea why this might be happening?


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Which filters are you using? Are you talking about website or app?


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It's on the website, both mobile version and desktop version on mobile. I'm only using built in filters, nothing custom, if I disable adguard and refresh the tweet button appears and retweet works again, the like button works whether adguard is enabled or not and here is the list of filters...

Adguard base
Adguard mobile ads
Adguard tracking protection
Malware domains
Spam 404
Adguard annoyances
Web annoyances ultra
Fanboy annoyances
Adguard warning removal
I don't care about cookies
Fanboys cookie monster list
Adguard Russian
Easylist china
Adguard experimental
Barb block

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That's... a lot of filters.

What you might try doing is disabling filters one-by-one and see if you can pinpoint which filter might be breaking the ability to tweet.


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I will do that. I should also add this didn't happen until the most recent beta build was installed and Twitter is the only site there's an issue with.

Based on your knowledge of the filters, in my list are there are any that are basically the same because I'll start with those and then keep them disabled since I don't need them anyways.


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So I haven't had time to go through all filters yet...but I didn't have to. The beta update pushed out yesterday fixed the problem all on its own. No settings changed, no filters changed...