About AdGuard MV3 Experimental


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I decided to give this one a go and have a suggestion about custom filters adding.

I see that there is an option to add single filter lists, but I think there is a better way to do this and Brave browser is already doing it. In Brave, when you go to "about:adblock" URL, there are some custom lists you can subscribe to with a checkbox, below that there is a text box field and instructions that say something like "Add filters separated by a new line"

Meaning you can have a bunch of filter lists saved in a text file like I do, in Brave, I just open my text file with various filter lists (already separated by a new line), I copy them and paste them in this text box, as soon as I refresh the "about:adblock" page, the filters are already accepted and saved.

This is what I'm talking about:

And my own filters in my text file that I copy look like this:


I think adding this in AdGuard for V3 Experimental will greatly improve how easy it is to add custom filter lists.