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Hello devs, great work.

I had a few questions/suggestions about Assistant in Safari.

1. Since you already draw the assistant icon on top of safari webview, and from what I understand your app can even block ads etc. in third party apps - can't you just draw your custom icon on top of safari toolbar? Or is it not allowed by Apple?

2. I haven't delved too deeply into Safari extension development, but if I understand correctly, you could create a new; separate safari extension for AdGuard for MAC (as part of the app), specifically for Safari, and if this is the case I assume it would be possible to create a custom button on the safari toolbar that would function like the one from the AdGuard safari extension, but with some way to communicate with the main MAC app. Seems almost as easy as copying the old safari extension code into AdGuard for MAC, with only a few tweaks.

But, if things have to stay as they are for now - may I give you some amateur design advice about the assistant icon, to be added (as an option?) in a future update, perhaps?

1. Allow dragging the icon along the edge of the window. This would come in handy especially for putting the icon dead in a corner. Right now it's hard to do, because as soon as the icon touches any edge - it freezes, and the mouse drag event is dismissed. Feels very unsatisfying. Icon should stop following the cursor only if the cursor itself went outside the icons allowable bounds (out of window), otherwise it should keep following, even along the edges.

2. Since the icon is drawn on top of page content, it seems reasonable to make it as non-intrusive as possible. Remove the shadow. Make it flat, transparent and greyscale. Animate it to opaque and green only when user hovers the mouse over it.

Thank you.


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You can create a task for our development team here.
To directly connect with the development team.
There you can describe all your wishes and suggestions.
If your wishes are relevant, they will let you know.

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