Access AdGuard Home Web UI when remote via DNS over HTTPS


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I've installed AdGuard Home on a Raspberry Pi. It's my DHCP client as well as my recursive DNS resolver with Unbound.
I have installed WireGuard on the Raspberry as well so I can access my whole network while away.
For ease of use and speed and battery, when I'm away I've setup Encryption on my AdGuard instance and created and iOS Profil to use AdGuard Home as my DNS over HTTPS.
It's working perfectly !
I'm just wondering, is it possible to access the AdGuard Home Web UI when I'm NOT using WireGuard but only using AdGuard Home as my DNS Over HTTPS (via the iOS mobileconfig file) ?
I'm obviously able to reach the Raspberry from outside but I'm not VPN into the network so this part is a bit lost on me...

Any help is greatly appreciated and I can give you all needed informations :) Thanks !