Ad blocking is not working properly in iOS 10.3 beta.


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Ad blocking is not working properly in iOS 10.3 beta.

The same goes for all other ad-blocking apps.

Do you know?


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It looks as if cosmetic filters were not applied.

Have you changed advanced settings in any way?
For instance, there is a "use optimized filters" setting, which disables some of the cosmetic filters.


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Here are the filters I'm using:

english filter
mobile filter
safari filter

I did not touch any other settings.
Until 10.2 there is no problem at all.
This is a new issue in 10.3 beta.
Many users in Korea as well as me are aware of the 10.3 beta issue.
We have also reported bugs to Apple

Thank you.


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@avatar @aegis @vasily_bagirov

There are no issues from iOS 9.0 through iOS 10.2.

However, there is a problem with iOS 10.3 beta.

Problem: A blank space is placed where the ad was removed.

I attached the test video.
Please watch with subtitles.

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@zebrum @avatar @vasily_bagirov

Every site has a problem.
This is a problem with iOS 10.3 Beta.
All ad blocking apps are experiencing problems.

I have found the problem of a suspicious part.

The following css selector is malfunctioning.
[id = 'ads'], [class = 'ads']

However, the following css selectors are not a problem.
#ads, .ads

Thank you.