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I am currently trailing the software (Adguard for Windows) and encountered an issue on where ads would show in search results and adguard assistant wouldn't show on any page in Google. I am using Opera Dev (v 24.0.1537.0) and realised the issue is down to a few flags I had enabled.

When the following flags are enabled on opera://flags, AdGuard will not block ads on Google

Experimental QUIC protocol
HTTPS over experimental QUIC protocol

I have also tried it on Opera Next and when those flags are enabled and I restart my browser, Adguard stops working on Google. I believe Google Chrome have those flags available but I don't have it installed to test.

Thought you might like to know.

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Adguard does not support neither QUIC nor SPDY yet.
Eventually we will support them (not sure about QUIC, but i am sure about SPDY).
In Adguard 5.10 we'll add "Alternate-Protocol" HTTP header filtering to force HTTP/S over TCP (disables quic and spdy).