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They are checking for div class ad300 and its height. After their check they remove that div class (they are actually looking for div ID 16476 which happens to have also div class ad300. After removing a rule which hides it in my user filter I don't get any detection anymore.

A bit of cleaning on their sports site and on their main page http://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/new-york-city-museum-invites-viewers-to-use-18-karat-gold-toilet-1459349?pfrom=home-specialevent
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="wgt ad"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="wgt scr-wgt nd-ad"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="ad-banner"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="bottom-ndtv-ad"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="cat-hdr-share fleft"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
ndtv.com#$#div[class$="gsocial_icons"] { position: absolute!important; left: -2000px!important; }
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Not reproduced on my Android. Try to disable every filter except English, Spyware, Social Media and Mobile filter.
Do one thing, visit ndtv.com on mobile and try opening any link then you will get the message. I followed your advice but I'm getting adblock message.


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It was triggered few times, but I can't reproduce it again.
Please try to disable filters one-by-one and check for detection. It will helps me to find solution.


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Does this work?
ndtv.com#%#Object.defineProperty( window, 'canRunAds', { get: function() { return false; } });