Adblock Filter to block Mint Finance ads


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I did - didn't work but thanks and sorry I haven't replied.

Maybe I have the syntax wrong though.

I coded it as ||^##.promotions-personalized-offers-ui


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You added characters to the rule I posted and mixed URL block rules with element hiding rules.
Since it requires account and linking payment options I do not see the url, so you may need to exchange the part in front of ## with actual domain it shows.


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Shows I am a complete novice at this ...

You posted -

I coded : ||^##.promotions-personalized-offers-ui.

*** used up carat to cover all sites for but that's obviously not correct.


The goal is block the ads for all accountIds - not just 1234567

What is the correct syntax including what you already provided ? Thanks

Boo Berry

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You don't need || for the rule. It should be this...

If the URL is different, change it as needed.


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You are awesome ! That worked and blocked all of the personalized offers !

Thanks a lot and I hope you have a great holiday season !