Add Automatic Browser Cache and Histry Cleaner to AdGuard


Main program or within the Adguard assistant, option of per minutes erase mode and 0 for nothing keep site to site. Automatically done and toggled on or off to use this feature. I do this anyway or try to do it site to site.
More of a privacy thing to me as sites try to find out to much about a visitor.

In Stealth Mode maybe something like this already you could be expanded on it in there in "Hide your referrer from third-party", what about first-party? What about a null value listed - about:blank?
About:blank is a special page within most browsers (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome), and it does nothing more than display a blank page.
[websites would see you came from nowhere and with cache and history as well as cookies gone, think it's true] I don't know but smart Adguard people here could add something like it - Yes.

In screenshot it shows Adguard(.)com as my referrer and I had gone to another site after forum here and took this image on still a 2nd site from forum here, question is - is Adguard always used as referrer if no custom one is used, and then being nothing listed there in the box in Stealth Mode?
What's exactly meant in Adguard's terms of first and third party stuff?

Gass :)
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