Add function to disable "automatic language filter activation"


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In the mac version, as far as I can tell, there isn't a way like in the Windows version to disable Adguard from activating language appropriate filters for websites. Would it be possible to incorporate the ability to disable the auto activation like we can do in the Windows version to the Mac version?

Or am I simply not seeing it? I just had the German language filter turn on automatically on me and I didn't want it to activate. I had to then manually go in and disable it. No big deal, but it's not always desired to have the language specific filter turn on or activate - in my case, I only want English filters.


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Or is this the "activate appropriate filters automatically" function? If so, my mistake, it's not very clear as to what "appropriate filters" actually means since it's a very vague, subjective use of terminology. Just some feedback.

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Yes, you can disable the activate filters automatically feature by clicking on Adguard's icon in the menu bar, when the interface opens click on the cog wheel in the top right corner then select Preferences... then under the General section uncheck Activate filters automatically. That should do it. :)


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To be explicit you could do a few things:

First, you could just mirror the Windows version (which is also somewhat clear but still requires some figuring out as to what it means/does. So: "Automatically activate language specific filters".

On my end, I would definitely argue for keeping it as clear, simple and as explicit to the end user as possible. So, this would require some small changes. The basic suggestion, and most direct, would be to label it "Automatically activate Ad Filter specific to the languages of the pages visited".

Now, to make it absolutely clear to the user it might be worth adding something in brackets ( _ ) under it. In the brackets a descriptor of- "Enabling this option will automatically enable AdGuard's filter for the languages of the pages visited if a filter for theses language are already enabled".

This way it's clear and it also explains clearly what the function does to the user. AKA idiot proof it... and trust me, I'm an idiot but if you use my second and third parts, idiots like me will get it :).
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