Add more than 1 user filter to AdGuard


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I have trouble when I try to add new filter list another people share on internet to adguard. Adguard can only import 1 filter list to user filter list and delete previous list if I import another. So I want Adguard can add user filter list as much as I want and they can be add from url or browse from my computer and can turn on/off

For example:

- I want to add filter list A to adguard
- I want to add filter list B to adguard
- I want to add filter list C to adguard
- Filter list A, B, C ... can be a url link (http://hostname/A.txt) so the people who share it can update them
- Or I can download A.txt, B.txt, C.txt to my computer and import it to adguard
- I can turn on/off A, B, C like another adguard filter list

Thank you


Beta Tester
Asked for something like this before.
Also would love some sort of back up feature i've just lost updates to my list when my computer decided it wasn't going to boot.