Add the capabilities of ClearURLs extension


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Reference: ClearURLs

There is a thread on their Official GitHub where they explain that, other than the $99 for a Apple dev account, they wouldn't be able to port their extension to Safari for now, because of the lack of webRequestBlocking API. Here is the talk for more details:

Would it be possible to include all those magic at the Adguard Level (windows/Mac version at least) ? I believe it would, since Adguard applies filters "outside" of Safari, doesn't it ?

Maybe there could be a way to import/adapt their big list of filters ? data.min.json

For example: I visit a website that gives me a link for a discounted product:

If I click on this link with my Safari/Adguard it redirects me to a page since is blocked with my Adguard Home, Safari does not display the page.
But if I click on the same link (the one that brings me to the discounted product) with my Firefox/ClearULRs, ClearURLs cleans the link to and so I can open the page and see the product !

And yes is in their data.min.json list.
Because they say they need webRequestBlocking API , there is probably some filtering there that is far over my knowledges.

Thank you.
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